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All starters served with fresh crispy salad & mint sauce
All starters served with fresh crispy salad & mint sauce
All starters served with fresh crispy salad & mint sauce
Main dishes - Dry & mild
Marinated over night in a special sauce, then barbecued in a clay oven (the tandoori) for the distinctive flavour. All served with fresh green salad & mint sauce
Most suitable for beginners, korma is a delicate preparation of yoghurt, cream, coconut & spices, producing a very mild but rich, creamy flavour
Very mild. 
Mild. Cooked with a beautiful combination of cream & spices, coconut & mushroom
Thoroughly garnished with onion, tomato & selected spices. To provided a dish of medium strength. Very tasty
A typical combination of central Asian & Indian spices richly prepared with pineapple.
Medium to sweet. 
A maximum quantity of onion, seasoned & fresh, applied with dozens of spices to produce a full flavoured taste
The main ingredient of sliced banana gives this dish a really distinctive flavour
Medium to sweet. 
The aromatic fenugreek leaf is used to give this dish its subtle, savoury flavour
In which is extensively used garlic, onions, tomato puree, red chilli, black pepper, sugar & lemon. A hot, sweet & sour taste
A tempting mixture of coconut, black pepper, lemon, spices & sugar. A hot, sweet & sour taste you will love
A beautiful combination of spices with lentil, garlic, lemon & sugar, producing a hot, sweet & sour taste
A special preparation of a wide range of spices, garlic & garnished with tomato. Hot distinctive flavour, a little dry
Another most popular dish of south Indian origin. A rich fairly hot taste. Prepared with garlic, chilli & tomato puree
Fairly hot. 
A south Indian dish renown for its fiery, rich & extravagantly hot flavour. Black pepper, lemon, ginger & red chilli are among the many spices used. Only suitable for those with a strong constitution.
Very hot. 
A dish cooked with spinach, onions, herbs & spices. A little dry but very tasty.
Hottest dish in the restaurant
Super hot. 
Rice not included-Please order seperately
Rice not included Mega mixed consists of chicken, lamb & king prawn

Prepared in the tandoori, then flash fried with onions, tomatoes with fresh green chillies & aromatic herbs, for a hotter taste.
Rice not included.
Very hot. 
Sizzling Korai Dishes.Prepared firstly in the tandoori, then blended with onions & green peppers to make a thick, succulent, spicy sauce which is flared in a special sizzling wok called a Korai. A delicious tasty dish.
Rice not included.
These dishes are prepared from selected spices & aromatic herbs that are combined to produce a distinctive flavour. Served in an authentic balti dish.
Rice not included
Cooked in the tandoori, then blended with almonds & sultanas in a delicately flavoured sauce for a rich creamy taste.
Rice not included.
Mild to sweet. 
These dishes are cooked in our garlic sauce, then in spices with ginger with fresh green chillies & capsicum.
Rice not included.
Of Central Asian origin. Biryani's are rich, very aromatic, but mild dishes. They contain special saffron rice treated with spiced ghee, almonds & sultanas. A comprehensive blend with a delicate character, suitable for almost any kind of palate, especially for beginners.
All these dishes are served with vegetable curry & cooked with rice
These dishes are cooked in the clay oven & served with fresh crispy salad, mint sauce & coconut rice
Please note: These dishes take about 40 minutes to prepare & are subject to availability
Suitable for Vegetarians
We are a fully licensed Restaurant and Takeaway. Proof of I.D. will be required when purchasing alcohol. We also offer a wide range of world wide wines and champagnes

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